Friday, August 26, 2011

Metronomes and Hurricanes

My friend Dr. Beat
Sometimes he's there to push me
Sometimes calm me down

Gahhhh my focus sucks tonight!  I got my mind on the approaching hurricane, and a bunch of music I have to and/or want to learn.  Right now the metronome's job is to slow me down.  Sometimes it's there to nudge me faster, bit by bit; sometimes it's the CSI unit to sniff out rhythmic or technical crime scenes; right now it's the old granny lady forcing me to calm the hell down and concentrate.  

(Well, right now I'm taking a break to post this, and am gonna go visit Nat next door.  Concentration may have to wait for another hour.)

I have water, extra batteries, and other important emergency supplies for me and Diesel (you know, like beer, and cookies).  I also have extra 9V batteries for my metronome.  Irene, I think I'm ready for you.  

Incidentally, if you haven't yet, I hope you'll check out my "Lullabye" video (below). 


  1. That'd be the 'Lullabye' video that's posted twice, for emphasis? Also, I must've missed the memo about prefacing posts with haikus; can't believe it took me this long to notice. Nice work.

    Stay out of the rain. And wind. And supersonic streetsigns.

  2. neurosis alert: it's posted twice because I misspelled my bassist's last name in the credits on the first one. *chagrin* I could take it down, but I really appreciated Gavin's comment. I like comments. And he complimented my hair!
    Hence, two Lullabye posts.
    Thank you re: haikus. Foreshadowing of the next permutation of my project(s). :)