Saturday, December 11, 2010

Build Me Up Buttecup

VR: C'mon, Kat - all you have left to do tonight is learn your song.  Hop to it.

KG: What's that you say?  All I have to do tonight is get really, really hammered?

VR: No... even though that's what you want to do... just focus and work hard for five more days and it'll calm down a bit.

KG: Arrrghhhhhhhhhhh...

Ok, I'm glad that the voice of reason won out tonight, and I stopped at my customary two-beverage maximum while out with my old roommate who's in town - I have five more days of plowing through, and no time for a hangover.  More to the point, my song tonight was really fun.  I chose it because one of the contestants at my Stonewall gig sang it to a track a couple weeks ago, and I thought it'd be a good one to learn.  It has a I-III7 chord progression, one of my favorites.  It has other secondary dominants as well.  Secondary dominants... I have already paid my theory nerd dues today, teaching a pack of actors some klunky vocal arrangements (I got them to identify plagal cadences by ear, yay, can I get an amen?); suffice to say, secondary dominants are like briefly passing through another key on the way back to tonic. 

mmm... tonic...
I kinda miss having a social life, you know?  Stupid New York with its high cost of living and fierce professional competition and atmosphere of driven-ness.  I've been thinking a bit about what to do next year.  I want to keep growing as a musician, but I need to have a life.  And maybe a buttercup (not to be confused with a peanut butter cup). 

To be contemplated more later.  Now gonna catch some zzz's before I wake up and pull a beginning piano workshop out of thin air.


  1. Ah, the Plagal. I still prefer the Tierce de Picardie...

    So, have you considered moving cities at all?

  2. "Tierce de Picardie"? Dayum Dustin - is there no part of your life that isn't influenced by Star Trek?!

    That being said, any post that gets me googling to learn enough to understand it is A Good Thing. Geek it up!

  3. Yes, well, that's actually how I was always able to remember it... otherwise I'd have to call it a Pick-Your-Nose Third, as my band director used to... hahaha

  4. The "Tierce de Kirk" was always the better cadence anyway...

  5. You can hear it a lot on Holst's "Alpha Quadrant Suite", specifically in "Tribble von Tutti" and "Planète de Classe M de L'amour".


  6. Very true. And speaking of L'amour, I've always liked the fact that Sam Elliott is in most of his movies... He's got a great tone in his voice, and the rhythmic manner in which he speaks just lends itself to a natural bass line. Very cool.

  7. Rhythmic manner of speaking?

    Imagine Sam Elliott doing Kirk!

    Okay, now imagine Sam Elliott doing an *impression* of Kirk, you dirty bird.

  8. Bad Line, bad! And I'm not a bird... and I never have understood why people are fascinated with song birds, either. They all sound the same. Now, if the Song Birds were to get together and do some sort of acapella 4 part harmony.. THEN that would be cool!

  9. If you think all song birds sound the same then you're as deaf as you keep not hearing me telling you that you are.

    Now... Sam Elliott doing a 4-part acapella of Moosebutter's "John Williams Is The Man"... now that would be something.

    "Kiss a wookiee, kick a droid..."

  10. you guys communicate in real life anymore, or only on my blog?

  11. That's because John Williams IS the man!! And I am deaf... that's why I'm a trombonist...

    Katarina, as far as communicating in real life, only when we're talking about your blog... :)