Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekly Wish: 2/21/11 - Oscar Song Medley!

Weekly Wish: I wish I were a better arranger.

Means to the end: Cobble together a clever (I hope) medley of my favorite bits of the Oscar-nominated songs.  Write out a chart using Finale. 

I'm breaking my own rules.  (As is my custom.)  I'm supposed to move on to another project today - it's good for me to let go and allow something to marinate, and I don't have any work-related deadlines for my Wishes.  I worked on Oscar songs last week... well, "worked"... I didn't spend much time, because it's hard to make it a priority with so much else going on.  Especially since I'm a little hazy about what exactly I want to do, and am not totally in love with any of the songs (although I'm fascinated by the production on "If I Rise", and "We Belong Together" is fun).  But I want to finish this Wish, and I don't see myself feeling motivated if I wait until next week when the Oscars are over. 

I need a plan.  I work well with specifics.  Yesterday on the subway (where I do much of my thinking), I made a plan for my little mash-up.  Now I have to see if I can make it work on the piano. 


  1. Ah alas dear cuz..if you have no rules then there are none to be broken. Which perhaps defeats the entire notion all together...hum...may have to reconsider this

  2. ah, my dear, you must read further to find my rules ;)